Khuda na Khwaasta / Khuda na Khaasta Meaning

khuda na khwaasta, often called khuda na khaasta also, is a commonly used Urdu phrase of Farsi origin, which is an equivalent of 'God forbid'.

So it's like when you talk about something you don't wish to happen, or are afraid of happening, you use 'khuda na khwaasta' (lit. May God not do this), as a way of saying that you hope something does not happen.


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  3. Oh, this is really nice to know! So, I can say something like: “it is very good weather up there and when I thinking about rain, I’n saying knuda khwaasta rain today”. Or even something like: “Knuda na khwaasta this man will be husband of my daughter!” Am I right, tell me! I will definitely read reviews that you will leave here about it.

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