Zehmat/ Zahmat Meaning | ज़हमत, زحمت

Zehmat or Zahmat (Devanagari:ज़हमत,Farsi:زحمت) is an Farsi and Urdu word, which means inconvenience, trouble, or discomfort, in both the languages.

It's used as 'zahmat karnaa' or sometimes as 'zahmat uThaanaa', both meaning the same thing, to take the trouble, to face the inconvenience, to be bothered.

In Urdu it's a common word, but it's much less used by Hindi speakers, though in my opinion most fluent speakers can understand the word.

In the recent movies, I remember it from two instances, both songs written by Gulzar. Namely, Darling, from Saat Khoon Maaf, in the line 'Darling, sorry tujhe, Sunday ke din, zehmat hui' (Darling, I'm sorry that you had to take this trouble on a Sunday), and Raat ke Dhaai Baje from Kaminey in 'chaand ki gaThari, sar pe le li, aapne kaisi zehmat ki hai' (you have taken this bundle that moon is on your head, what a trouble you have taken).

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