Shumaar/ Shumar, Beshumaar/ Beshumar Meaning

Shumaar [or Shumar, Devnagari:शुमार,Urdu:شمار] is an Urdu word which means count, number. For example, when you say 'aapka naam badi hastiyon mein shumaar hota hai', it means 'your name is counted in big people.' The word comes from Persian word shumaar which means count too.

Beshumaar [Devnagari:बेशुमार,Urdu:بیشمار] is made up of shumaar being added the prefix be- to it, and since be- means without, the meaning of beshumaar [or beshumar] is 'that cannot be counted', incalculable, innumerable, infinite. It can be used for both numbers and quantity.