Humdard/ Hamdard Meaning

Humdard or Hamdard is an Urdu word which means someone who shared a pain with someone. As in, if you share my pain with me, you are my 'hamdard'.

Of course, since it's not some physical process or something, it need not always be vice versa, but it's more like a close friend who understands you and feels bad when you have a problem, and feels good when you do well.

Humdard is made up of hum- prefix, used for 'those who share', being added to dard - pain. The same way we add it to many words, to come up with hamsafar/ humsafar [means those who share a safar, a journey], hamraaz/ humraaz [means those who share a secret], and even hambistar/ humbistar [means those who share a bistar, a bed]. You can guess what the deeper meaning where required, I guess. ;)


  1. The one who is listening to someone's problems he is called humdard, not the one who is sharing.

  2. dusro ke dard me hissedari karna hamdard

  3. Hushan e akhlaq se noor e mujassim ho ja ke iblees bhi tujh ko dekhe to musalman ho jay