Barqat/ Barkat Meaning [बरकत/बरक़त, برکت]

Barkat [or Barqat, Devnagari:बरकत/बरक़त,Urdu:برکت] is an Urdu word which means blessing, benediction.

The word is most commonly used for or associated with prosperity, abundance or good fortune, which comes as a result of blessing, of God or anyone in general. The closest word that can is to barkat in English is probably prosperity, but then the concept isn't exactly there in English. 'Blessing that gets you prosperity' would be closer.

The word barkat also means blessing in Persian.


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  2. Barkat is not prosperity or abundance. It is the word related to Islam.
    Barkat is not only related to the person earning only, but it is with the food, time,life, etc.
    A person does lot of things in one day, than he has barkat in his time.
    A person has invited many people and there was limited food, and that was enough for everyone, all of them ate with full stomach and food was left also , that is barkat