Chanchal Meaning [चंचल]

Chanchal is a common Hindi word, an adjective which means fickle, someone or something that doesn't want to stay in one place, that can not be resting, silent, that is restless, playful.

Kids are often addressed as chanchal. See an example, "Wo kabhi ek jagah nahi baithta, bada hi chanchal hai." [He never sits in one place, he's very chanchal.]


  1. Thanks a lot. There's a website, and a Hindi one (not Urdu) at that, which says there's no such word in Hindi and gives the nearest word as "charcoal"!!!!!!. There's another example for chanchal in an old Mukesh song which goes something like this: "Chandan ka badan, chanchal chitvan......"

  2. Grasping the meaning as explained here, it becomes more difficult to understand why a girl should be named Chanchal as that would define her as 'unsettling', not capable of belonging to one place or partner!!

  3. Well, the word ‘achal’ means without movement. It can mean ‘rigid’ in a negative way or ‘unmovable, very stable’ in a positive way. Same way ‘chanchal’ can mean fickle (negative) or dynamic, adaptive (positive)