Pangaa/ Panga Meaning [पंगा,ਪੰਗਾ]

Pangaa or Panga [Devnagari:पंगा, Gurumukhi:ਪੰਗਾ] is a very famous word these days. As such the word comes to Hindi from Punjabi, however, it's become quite popular in Hindi, virtually replacing the actual usage of Pangaa that existed in Hindi, but wasn't used much [In Hindi, Pangaa means thin, watery, but is hardly seen anywhere].

So this Punjabi Pangaa means an issue, a fight.

The word is mostly used as 'Pangaa lena' [lena = to take] which means to get into an issue, kind of actively, and mostly when it could be avoided.

Pangaa is also used as 'panga hona' that simply means an issue or a fight to take place.