Kaal Meaning [काल]

Kaal [काल] is a Sanskrit/ Hindi word which means time.

However, the word is also used for 'end' of something or somebody. This most probably comes from the phrase that goes like 'tera kaal/waqt aa gaya hai' which literally translates to 'your time has come' but means that one's last time has come.

The thriller movie Kaal used the word for its title due to this ambiguous meaning of the word.


  1. What would " Kaala Kaal " together mean ? I heard this in an old hindi song . Hai wohi Kaala Kaal ! Jag maeN chale pawan ki chaal

    1. Maybe it is kaal-Akaal? Or if translated from your version of the lyrics, it would literally mean 'Black Time' which could make sense in the lyric or it can also be a metaphor for something

  2. Maybe it's kalaakaar, meaning a "character" or "artist"