Jigar Meaning [जिगर,جگر]

Jigar is nothing but Urdu for Liver.

The word is not used so much in Hindi, but somehow in Hindi film industry it has found a place, and a very strange one at that, because the literal meaning of the word never seems to be used in the movies. Instead, the word is used in a way where people treat it either like heart, something from which you love, or something which gives you immense power.

I mean, there was a movie called Jigarwala [literally, one with liver] which supposed to mean the person was very brave/strong/powerful.


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  4. Bangali here. I'll talk to you about a similar circumstance. The phrase "jaan e jigri dost" means a friend who (or whose life) is close to your heart. That's how it's used in Bangla. And also, strangely, the word "Kalija" which means "Liver" in bangla, is used colloquially to mean the heart. Maybe there's something to that, that we don't consciously know.