Halvai/ Halwaai/ Halwai Meaning [हलवाई]

Halwaai is a Hindi/ Urdu word which comes from 'Halwa' [हलवा] which is a popular sweet in India-Pakistan, especially had on Eid, though it's common to find Halwa in Indian homes on many festivities through the year and irrespective of religion.

Halwa as such is an Arabic word and means 'sweet' in general.

At the same time, Halwai is Urdu/ Hindi which means a sweet maker, even though sweets in general are not called Halwa in Hindi and Urdu.

One thing to note is that while Wikipedia notes Halwai as an ethnic group from India and Pakistan, it's not really an ethnic group, but more of a profession. Though as per the Indian caste system, profession used to turn into caste and hence Halwai is a caste as well, but as of today the profession and the caste don't certainly match each other and the common usage of Halwai is for the profession only.

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