Kyonkar Meaning

Ever heard the word 'Kyonkar' (Devnagari:क्योंकर, Urdu:کیونکر) in Hindi songs or Urdu poetry? As such the word is rarely used nowadays, but you can still find it in a few places. The last usage for me was found in Mithoon's song 'Dil Sambhal ja zara' in the line 'Aisa kyunkar hua, jaanoon na, main jaanoon na.' I know many people took it as 'Aisa kyun hua', but that's not the meaning here.

Kyonkar means for 'by what means?', or simple 'how', which is nowadays completely replaced with 'kaise' in Hindi as well as Urdu.

So when you hear 'aisa kyunkar hua', the meaning is 'how did this happen?'.

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