Aakhir/ Akhir/ Akhiri Meaning

Aakhir or Akhir (Devnagari:आख़िर, Urdu:آخر) is an Urdu word with common Hindi usage. The word is used for the end or last. For example, 'He was standing at the end' would translate to 'Wo aakhir mein khada tha.' Aakhiri, coming from Aakhir only, means the last one. For example, 'He was the last one' would translate to 'Wo akhiri tha.'

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  1. aakhir is also used in conversation to mean 'after all' or 'but'
    so the phrase, 'aakhir, main aapka dost hoon na?' = 'after all, i'm you're friend right?'

    and the phrase 'aakhir kyun?' = 'but why?'